What happened to Cook Vine and Thinker?

While I studied for my WSET Diploma, there was one site I heavily used –¬†http://cookvineandthinker.com.

The owner of the site, C.R Martin, uploaded some very helpful materials especially past examinations. But what happened to the guy? His Instagram and Twitter are gone, there is no way to get in touch with that guy.

My theory is that the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) was not happy with the website for providing various study material and sent him a cease & desist letter. Instead of taking down the site, Mr.Martin seemed to have removed any information that could trace back to him but left all the study material. If this is the case, brilliant move Mr.Martin! I applaud you.

There are so many qualms I have with WSET the organization. I’ll have to save that for a post later.

If you are currently studying for WSET Diploma, I highly recommend that you visit Cook Vine and Thinker.

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